Mission u 2016

Study Topics
Spiritual Growth: "The Bible and Human Sexuality"
Social Issue: Climate Justice
Children & Youth: Climate Justice

Scholarship Letter and Application Form
Mission u 2016 Flyer
3-Day School July 7-9, 2016 Brochure
Sampler Saturdays Brochure


Mission u 2015 held at Bucknell University, Lewisburg PA
Photo Gallery

Mission u Dean Elaine Kirk (left) checks out the book room.DJ Spangler shows resources to Breanne Brunner in the book room.Judy Kennedy leads the discussion of "Happiness: Understanding Your
Life in God."Phyllis Terwiliger shares stories of Latin America with the children.Children attended Mission u.Children's coordinator Beth Troop helps one of the children with an activity.Morning worship includes a reading on Argentina and "the disappeared."Youth were involved in lots of activities for their 4-day Mission u
experience - including being with friends during meals.Just a reminder that scholarship money is available for youth to
attend Mission u!Youth  hanging with counselors during lunch.Young adults participate in the "Happiness" study.Participants respond to questions discussed at their table.New this year - participants were able to take the spiritual growth study as well as choose one other course of study.Enthusiastic small group discussionPhyllis Terwiliger displays colorful clothing from Latin America.Choir rehearsal for Sunday's worship service.Mark Terwiliger led a focus group on Latin America and also shared his musical talent.Barbara Skarbowski, a deaconess from the Eastern PA Conference, led a group on the topic "The Church and People with Disabilities."The ever-popular talent show included all ages and a wide variety of talents.Round table discussions during the spiritual growth study.Miguel Arenas brought his personal experiences and knowledge of Latin America to the mission study.